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I am a cancer scientist, pharmacologist and bioengineer.  In Congress, I will go from a life dedicated to finding cures for deadly diseases to finding solutions to the most challenging problems facing our country. I believe evidence-based, no-nonsense solutions for our most vexing problems will make us better and bring our country together.

My parents instilled in me their values of compassion and tireless commitment to the betterment of our country, which I saw from my dad’s historic career in the US Army Signal Corps and my mom’s career as a special education reading teacher. I will take those values with me to the Capitol.

Ending the heartbreaking opioid crisis and reducing the cost of healthcare while improving it will be top priorities for me in Congress.  I will sponsor an Overmedication Prevention Act to get people off the high volume of unnecessary prescription drugs we consume, including opioids. I will sponsor legislation to advance cannabis medicine with our country’s first Medical Cannabis Accessibility Program (MCAP) so we have access to safer, less toxic medicines while we put a stop to our growing deadly opioid epidemic.

As a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) specialist I will lead on a forward thinking science and technology policy. As a business leader and entrepreneur, I create jobs and know how to build an innovation economy which creates the skilled jobs building the technologies for smart highways and the essential next generation energy technologies we can export to power the world and walk us back from the catastrophic effects of climate change. I will assure advances in Artificial Intelligence aid our workforce, not replace them.  When I was a technician my union was there for me when I needed them. I understand we need to have a robust workforce and protect our workers for success in the future.

Protecting individual liberties and preventing gun violence are in our national interests. I will lead on a gun violence prevention plan that works.  It takes coordination between law enforcement, healthcare, our communities and mental health services to prevent gun violence.  We need to put the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the case.  Their job is to keep harm at bay.  It is common sense to let them do it.

As a business owner, I understand how fragmented our immigration policies are. It is American to see a problem and fix it. A path to citizenship for youths who have no other place to call home is a start.

I’ll lead and push for a coherent national security policy and a strong, agile national defense policy for the U.S. to retain a leadership position on the world stage.

I will work to improve our education system. We can retain outstanding and caring teachers by providing them with competitive salaries and the resources they need to give our children the tools they need to be successful.

I will work to resolve the multiple problems we have locally.  The prolonged Cemex mine dispute will take help from Congress.  The clean-up of toxic and radioactive waste at the Santa Susanna Test Facility cannot be delayed any further. The Aliso Canyon methane storage field needs to be properly monitored to prevent any more disastrous blowouts and those who have gotten sick from it get the care they need.

Good policies are based on effectiveness and outcome, not ideology.

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Our congress should be a voice for the people not just the powerful.

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Just got off the phone with my opponent, @RickSaccone4PA, who congratulated me & graciously conceded last Tuesday's election. I congratulate Mr. Saccone for a close, hard-fought race & wish him the best.

Ready to be sworn in & get to work for the people of #PA18.

Pharma, under attack for drug prices, started an industry war. As a healthcare specialist in Congress I will lead on reducing healthcare costs and getting our healthcare system focused on improving care, not war with each other.

Masterman-Smith To Sponsor Federal Medical Cannabis Policy To Fight Deadly Opioid Crisis

An absolutely heartbreaking "Dude, Where's My Country?" moment. As a healthcare specialist, this is why I am running for Congress. We need smart leadership in Washington to get a handle on this crisis and start saving lives. #opioidcrisis via @mercola

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