Cannabis was a valuable plant-based medicine used for many conditions into the 1930s. It’s main active compounds, psychoactive THC and non-psychoactive CBD, have over 100 natural chemical variants. Its overall effects, though not completely understood, are mediated by an internal endocannabinoid system found throughout the body. The end of cannabis prohibition is bringing some unexpected results and impacts to healthcare are emerging to be multifold. Medical cannabis is beginning to fill in gaps in our healthcare system, relieving both common and hard-to-treat conditions. It is projected to save billions in healthcare costs each year in states where it is legal for medical use. It is time for the United States to unleash the talents and skills of our scientists, doctors and farmers to put this valuable natural medicine to work in improving healthcare.

As a provision in the Comprehensive Healthcare Improvement and Economic Accountability Act I will sponsor a rational federal medical cannabis policy. This part of the act will bring: 1) a desperately needed drug policy overhaul, 2) public, private and military insurance coverage of cannabis medicine for all, 3) better direction for the FDA in facilitating cannabis medicine, 4) support for medical training and research to support cannabis medicine and 5) harmonization of state, federal and tribal medical cannabis programs w/ national healthcare priorities.

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