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Porter Ranch

I will spearhead a federal investigation into the Aliso Canyon methane leak and the health problems caused by it.  Because the facility sits on the same fault line as the historic Northridge [...]

Women’s Rights

We are two states away from ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.  It will be a historic day for the civil rights movement when the Women’s Equal Rights Amendment is passed.  Women deserve equal [...]


American education is failing to prepare our future generations to carry out their civic responsibilities and our students fall further and further behind the rest of the world.  In 2015, our [...]

Gun Violence

Mass shootings are growing increasingly common in America. Sadly, it is easy for an American to obtain a military grade weapon and commit mass murder.  We cannot allow our families to be gunned [...]

National Security

Today, seventeen years into the Global War on Terror, America is in the midst of suffering from what historian Paul Kennedy described as “imperial overstretch.”  Although U.S. forces conduct [...]


Today the climate and environmental challenges that we face are a clear and present danger to both the United States of America at home and the human race as a whole.  We cannot afford to suffer [...]

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis was a valuable plant-based medicine used for many conditions into the 1930s. It’s main active compounds, psychoactive THC and non-psychoactive CBD, have over 100 natural chemical [...]

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