Santa Susana Field Lab

I will push for the clean up of toxic and nuclear waste from my district’s Santa Susana Field Laboratory and will not rest until it is a habitable site.  Due to the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history, and a half century of nuclear power and rocket testing, nuclear and toxic waste has built up and rates of cancer and other illnesses remain high in this area. The present state of this site is unacceptable.  While the federal government has agreed to do its part in the clean-up, owners of the most affected areas have recently announced their abdication of responsibility by rejecting state clean-up mandates.  Located at the headwaters of the Los Angeles River and home to the Chumash Burro Flats Painted Caves, the site presents an historic opportunity to balance technological progress in an environmentally and culturally fragile environment.  The site can be a shining example of our ability to clean up our messes while simultaneously advancing our culture, ecology and commitment to the technologies needed to power our future.  I will support a plan to transform these hallowed grounds into a Renewable Energy Technology Campus. I will support the preservation of the Santa Susana test stands used to develop the rockets which launched satellites, took humans to the moon, and made the Space Shuttle the world’s first renewable space vehicle. I will also support a memorial to those who perished from their work at the site while ushering in the nuclear age.

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